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  • Ooh, pirate ships & malt whiskey - interesting things, hehe! Yeah, internet is sneaky that way!! I'm trying to come up with good ways to minimize it and still do what's interesting and good.. If you'll find any strategies that work, do tell!! :)
    hehe Only now? :) What took you so long? :) Well, if you have any specific post/s you want me to comment on, you can post them on my wall and I'll take a look when I can.. (I'm trying to minimize my time on this site and on internet tho, so I don't promise anything.. :)) You have an interesting nickname and some interesting posts too!
    hey-Ty for the comment on my thread :) I am also currently "surrounded by art supplies" and I even went so far as to promise some pics for Christmas gifts..I am so dead! Hope you use some of your soon! i think failure is prob the only way we ever learn right?- I am gonna keep that in mind as I try to work, but if you have natural abilities you are really not going to fail, only improve TC!
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