Shivering / Chills


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anyone else shiver like crazy when experiencing anxiety? it's like a nervous tick that comes out as shivers/chills. sometimes my teeth chatter. i start convulsing like a crackhead. i cannot hide it and pretend to be relaxed, i cannot suppress it. it is awkward and embarrassing. the more i think about this the more i wonder if there is something wrong with my nervous system.


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Never experienced that. But, I've had involuntary muscle spasms when I became super nervous-I have to be very very nervous.......The brain effects the whole body!


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yes, i have experienced this on a number of occasions

apparently though, no one else seems to ever notice, even though it feels really pronounced from my perspective


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oohh yeah. my legs get really shakey, my hands shake like crazy. sometimes twitch a little lol. i get like that a lot at work, especially with rude customers or when something goes wrong. or around certain people that make me anxious


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Yes I experience this too, but I try to cover it up by pretending that I am very cold so that people will think I'm shivering from the cold, not from anxiety.