Remember when..


You want to know how I got these scars?
I was surfing YouTube and came across this old Aussie ad.

I thought about 2 things, the 70's/80's in Australia and how simple life was back then.
And just why would that chick be interested in the orange haired bloke?
Why would they even pick that guy for the ad?... Geezus he was an ugly SOB..

share any vids/pics that make you remember when :thumbup:


Hie yer hence from me heath!
And why call it Arsey Cola?? :confused:

That's a good 'un.


the only prescription is more cowbell
Ooh-la-la, look at the crest of those hips.

The redheaded guy was about to go down in flames, both from severe sunburn and the mother of all shut-downs.