r you doing anything for x-mas?


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how r you going to spend it? I'm thinking of spending it w/ my family with x-mas music i like and perhaps hot chocolate. Once i made unsweetened cocoa powder in the oatmeal, it was so good! :) unsweetened almond or soy milk can be added to your hot chocolate too if you want to be healthy or just a little unpasteurized honey. I know I'm sounding like a health-freak. I'm not really sure what I'm doing on x-mas though. perhaps take a walk outside w/ my winter jacket. I've also got nice and warm boots from last year. it's black and has soft blonde fur on the inside. I've got skinny leg black pants and soft stockings underneath so it's nice. it's better i do things on christmas eve.
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That sounds like a pretty nice way to spend the holidays.

My family typically likes to organize a big dinner at one of their houses. But this year my sister got really excited about having it at a buffet restaurant. I'm not so keen on that, since it's out of my comfort zone during a time that's all about cozy feelings. But it makes her happy, so I'm not going to decline.

And for the rest of it - I'm not really sure yet. Just watch movies and eat some nice food, I think. With my cat having past early last month, I find it hard to get in a festive mood, yah know.


You want to know how I got these scars?
I have to spend an early xmas day with
p r i c k relations and listen to them all talk
s h i t. Same old conversations. They aren't the people I want to be around. But I can't say no. They don't really know how I feel about them inside.

At least on actual xmas day I wont have to see them. I'll probably just get drunk by myself.


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the family decided to do a late xmas, so wont actually be having the family xmas until almost mid january. On the day I'm expected to go to my mothers, but the morning will be nice because I'll be with my dogs and they love unwrapping their presents :LOL:


You want to know how I got these scars?
Well my prediction looks to be true. I'll be on my own.. well apart from the turkey. Of the wild variety. In a bottle.


You want to know how I got these scars?
Ok on x-mas i had breakfast and lunch and then bc of my medication it made me sleep from 11AM to 9PM. i think it's bc of getting better in terms of my worry so I'm going to go from 20 mg of escitalopram to 10 tomorrow i know how to do it as I've done it before bc i really can't be so sleepy for the whole day. Then i ate dinner and did a little packing for my holiday.
With some meds that sleepiness is only a temporary side effect.
Also you can try and take the meds at a different time of day so if they do make you sleepy it will do it during the night.
Have you talked to your doctor about adjusting your quantities?