Progress!! Yay!!!


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So today my family and I went on a trip to knotts berry farm theme park I was expecting a bad day usually going to theme parks means slogging through the day watching all these happy couples spending time with someone they care about like I only wish I could but today I don't know how to explain it maybe seeing all those couples and all the single girls out with friends that I decided I HAVE to push myself and I did push myself, I complimented 3 different girls and though that doesn't sound like much for someone like me to go from a paralyzing fear of speaking to the opposite sex to complimenting 3 girls in diffrent places all three with there friends all nearby. UnBelievable!!! It felt so good to do this and now I feel so proud of myself which is a great feeling.

Finally poked a hole in the hell I call life to be surprised by the sight what I no longer believed existed,
a ray of light,
a glimmer of hope
now I must push,
must reach the light
please don't let me down
please don't let me drown.*