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Speaking of losing weigh, I lost 20 lbs. a few months ago. I still need to lose about 30 but (I don't want to put out the effort) I am nervous about guys looking at my body. But of course there is a part of me that wants that.

- I just realized I have Avoidant Personality Disorder along with my SA.

- I though I liked my new shrink but now I hate him.

- When my lips are dry I chew on the skin and end up bleeding a little. I try to tell myself not to do it but it doesn't really work.

- Sometimes I feel stupid for liking a few emo songs.

- I don't like to be labeled but I label myself when I say I have SA.

- I don't know if I will ever be mentally healthy and part of me is scared that it will happen and I will have to be like everyone else.

- I have stretch marks all over my body.. but I'm not that much overweight. I wish they would go away. I bought a lotion that you are supposed to rub in two times a day but I'm too lazy to do it.

- I am comfortable with the idea of sex but I know I won't be comfortable when I am faced with a sexual situation.

I guess I'll stop here for now. :lol:
I have a white cat named Kimba (as in kimba the white lion) and I love him to pieces. He is very affectionate and we rub noses and he -literally- hugs me (puts his paws around my neck). I spoil him too much and need to watch in case I ever do become a mother. ...I call him all manner of cutesy names (that would embarrass you if you heard them!! :lol: )

I am talented at painting and drawing. And I need to get into this again.

I went through a tough time a few years ago, but emerged from it with a lot of (spiritual) insights about my self. :D

It has and still does sometimes frustrate me that I cannot see so clearly how to solve this problem, when it was clear as day for me for my previous one. :(

For a long time I have/had wanted to understand and be able to help people who struggle and who are outcasts. Kind of that I probably had a bit of a 'I want to save the world' complex. ...I've hit the earth more more recently!! 8O :oops:

I used to be really popular with boys and whilst I can live without an intimate relationship, I miss the flirting and the sheer joy of having fun around them.

Oh and, I'm quite certain that I've achieved individuation when it comes to sexuality: I'm really sure of who I am with such things.


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- i've got 3 friends
- today i talked to 5 people
- i probable do NOT have the SP (although i surely DO have to try hard to get more socialized and stuff)
- i am dating a boy i don't actually like at all
- i keep fish
- i am 16
- i love red hot chilly peppers
- and writing
- and pizza
- and talking, actually. which is kinda ironic, don't you think so? :wink:


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-This is my 100th post, now i have a star under my name, wooohoooo, hehe.

-Im in an internet cafe right now and im very anxious, cos ill have to talk to the guy at the counter, but he is so damn cute, and i cant talk to people i fancy, i dont know what to do :/

-For the last 2 weeks or so, I watch "Welcome To The Dollhouse" to go to sleep.

-I work out a lot to look strong on the outside, so that people wont notice how weak i am on the inside.

-I love playing video games, im a nintendo fan and will buy Wii soon.

-It is me on my avatar. (i got a few pms asking that)


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-ima pieces

-i used 2 cry evry day but i havent once in months idk y becuz nothings gottin better 4 me,, i wish i could still cry but its like impossible now

-i just found out that what u r on here ((newbie, intermidiate ect)) is based on how many posts uve posted

-im absent waaaay 2 much 4rm school ((like 2 days lol)) but i cant make myself go idk y

-im dreading thr holidays 4 the 1st time in my life

-i actually cant stand my best friend but i hold on 2 her cuz shes all i have
-she still owns me 40 bucks lmao

- i have so much time 2 think i kno how i want my life 2 go ((sad i kno)):

after i graduate high school i wanna move in 2 an apt w/ some friends or rmates and just have fun and party and hang out for a few yrs ((and still have my high school job))

then i want 2 go 2 college 2 b a nurse and i want it 2 b like that show scrubs :)

i want 2 get married and move into an old 2 story unique house w/ pine trees in the front and a porch swing and a pet duck :) and have 1-4 kids
idk where at tho ive always wanted 2 live in SHOOT i can always remember that places name but i cant right now 4 the foggy rainy cool weather but no1 i knows even up there or i could move back 2 my home town where all my family is or back 2 Tx ot just stay here


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ive messed around in school from ever since i can remember [doing stupid stuff with friends all through the years gettin into trouble and stuff].. and now im in year 11, 20 weeks from my real exams, ive woken up. too late? defintely :( i do realised ive tampered with my future big time.


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I never been to co-educational schools, neither colleges in my entire life.

However, this year i transferred to a co-educational college for the first time in my life.



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When I was 15 my mom let me drive our truck. She drove down the end of our street and showed me what to do and changed seats with me. When I was driving down the road somebody got behind us so my mom told me to turn in to our neigbors driveway. His driveway is like a big u with a motor home in the middle. I swung it in really hard and almost took the motor home out. Then I stepped on the gas by accident and scared my mom to death. Haven't drove since :wink:
i like cheese
i like full moons
i like wearing jeans
i shave my head to hide the dandruff, lol
i drink too much water
there is a pube under the keys on my keyboard....


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Im trying to learn Japanese 8)
I could have been a tatto artist.. an apprentise, but thats alot of pressure..
and my anxiety and all..
SopranoFan85 wrote:
i like cheese
i like full moons
i like wearing jeans
i shave my head to hide the dandruff, lol
i drink too much water
there is a pube under the keys on my keyboard....
Shocked a pube Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

this is no lie...i bought a first juniour scrabble from the oxfam shop for a quid last week....its very old from the 1950s

there was pubes in the flippin box.... Neutral