Och aye the noo

Why is considered a sin or cowardly to take yer own life?

That's the thought currently whizzing about in ma heid. :thinking: Ah know, take another person's life is no better. But whit's the fuss o'er yer ain? You've made the choice at the end o' the day, it's on you.

No sayin' am gonnae off masel' afore ah turn 30, ah just... feel like it, y'know?

Ah mean, the way things are going the now with the family... F*ck! Ah feel like the only thing that's missing is David Attenborough daein'n tha voice-over!

How my sense o' humour's still in tact efter 8 months... Nay clue!

Ma oldest sister telt me the other day she's contemplating moving. Aye, sellin' the hoose n' f*ckin' off. Where? She didnae say, but I'm more than well to join. And am thinking...
Great! So... cun me, my oldest sister, her boyfriend n' oor mother away n' live in the Outer Hebrides? Wi-Fi might be pish, certainly. But look at that coastline! We huv tae drive through 3 villages afore seeing a view like that where we're fae ! :bigsmile:
My oldest sister, yesterday, suggested that we should take oor Mum up to Edinburgh this summer for a wee break. Nice, right? Well... ah mentioned this to her this morning, and my mother said in so few words that she can't be bothered going. :veryangry: :sad:

Aye, cuz nevermind the 8 months of bull$h%* drama we've had to endure for the middle sibling. Or that she missed the last 3 shows (one comedy and 2 music concerts) that I'd booked for in the hope she'd go! Naw, her priority right now is raising someone else's f*ckin' kids! :kickingmyself: :idontknow:
i wish you good luck Graeme! :)
Thanks, I guess... :idontknow: Sorry, it’s just things are looking pretty feckin’ bleak at the moment. :sad: I’m not in a good place, both in terms of my well-being and where I currently reside. Can’t seem to focus, as hard as I try. :kickingmyself:

Saying that I’m miserable doesn’t do justice to the utter despair I’ve lived with for past 8 months now. Can’t even bring myself to plug in my guitar and play it.
Yay! It's my 30th birthday... yet I feel like I've wasted my life up to this point. :crying:
That's probably why I've been depressed for the last 10 days or so... :thinking: :sad:
Awww... F*CK!! Well, there goes 2 months worth of music ideas up $h!% creek due to an audio conversion gone bad. Dammit! :kickingmyself:
Aye, ah know... just record them. Duh! It's just trying to remember them that's gonnae be a pain in the arse, and my memory isn't great at the best o' times. :eek:mg:
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