Note to self


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- Trust them, they love you.

- Talk to them about anything if they have told you that you can count on them, but try not to overwhelm them either.

- Doing self therapy? Keep on trying. Do it for yourself and for those you care about.

- Again, they love you. Shut up, quit doubting yourself and be possitive.

- Forget about those who hurt you and move on. Not everyone else is the same. They are certainly not the same, so quit comparing situations, it's all entirely different.

- Keep your word. Always keep your word.

- Quit worrying. They love you.

- When that intrusive sentence of "what if...?" comes to mind, do NOT start creating scenarios in your mind. Tell your insecurity to eff off and remember number one and four.

- Asking for some reassurance is always fine, but don't overdo it. It's frustrating when you have someone constantly assuming bad things, you tell them that you care but they won't snap out of it.

- Yes, they might get frustrated, but they still love you.

- Re-read this thread over and over if necesary, and whenever anything bad comes to mind. But for god's sake, don't start bashing yourself and act like you used to.

- Go eat some cake.


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Hellhound, this is more like it! I like your post and, while they're all relatively common sense, it's good to be reminded of these, and to point out where you're going wrong. I know I am in at least one of those areas.

Good thread! :thumbup:

EDIT: I have no cake but there's ice cream in the freezer. Is that okay?


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- Stop worrying so much about causing others to be in a certain mood. People have their own things to deal with. Just because they are more introvert and rather not talk about it, it doesn't mean you did something unforgivable. Cut them some slack.

Again. They love you. You are doing a good job at trusting them from now on, but don't forget that they have a right to be in a bad mood from time to time. They're human.

Just be there for them and don't be pushy. Some people don't like it when you pressure them to talk. If they say it's ok, then it's ok. Change subject and move on. Don't worry so much.


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- If the person in question told you one thing, then stop listening to third parties that tell you othwerwise. Trust your loved one.


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- If someone says something, don't automatically accept it, look inside of yourself and ask if it is true.


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They love you. Tell your mind to shut up. It's your disorder speaking, it's not you. You are not like that. You trust them.

No, you are NOT going to be alone. You are NOT alone. They are NOT going to leave you, nothing bad is going to happen to them. Stop crying about it, nothing is happening, no one is mad, no one dislikes you, no one is tired of you, they told you they will always be by your side, be happy.

And for god's sake, go ask about that medication already. In the meantime, keep your disorder at bay, enjoy what's happening now, remember it will all be okay, leave things from the past where they belong: In the past.

Stop being an insecure little child. Seriously, why the hell would they be mad at you? Re-think and try to find the logic in that. Irrational, isn't it? Yes, that's Mr. Disorder, whispering things in your ear, and you're stupidly believing him. Why? Stop listening to him and listen to those who love you. If they truly love you, they aren't lying. And they most likely do love you.

Everything will be alright. Calm the hell down. Sit, wait, talk, draw.

Mr. Disorder, get the f*ck off my mind. You have me tired with your constant, nonsensical, irrational negativity. You have done nothing more but torment me for years, and now you want to take this oportunity to do it even more? Get out. I'm going to go to a doctor as soon as I can, and I will kick you in the privates sooner or later, as long as I find the right medication. You just wait...

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