New msn/email/yahoo topic :D


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I never feel comfortable with instant messaging unless I know someone well, but it would be nice to get to know new people via email, then IM or Skype after a while if we get on.

I'm older than most here though (44) so I don't expect anyone to contact me. I'm male, single, and in southern England. Feel free to PM for my email addy. :)


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Contact me (mp, chat) whenever you want :)
I like chatting with new people and it's a way to improve my English :giggle:


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I feel lonely most of the time. I need people to talk to , may be we can be friends. If anyone is interested pm me. I have OCD, so if you would like to talk about that, I will be willing to listen. Also, I like reading. English is not my native language, just thought I would mention that. PM me anytime.