If today was your last day

Start the day off with eating and drinking whatever I wanted. I mean really pig out. Then let some nasty people really have it. The beauty here is that since I know I won't have a tomorrow to look forward to, I can feel no regret at a later point in time if I tell certain people what I truly think of them. I would make a bit of time for those who are truly special to me and sit and have a nice conversation and just talk and laugh and so forth. Come nightfall, I will go for a walk on my favorite path and my destination will be this beautiful big tree that is full of life. I will sit under it and enjoy the peacefulness of just being there in that moment in time. Then I will bid this world and my troubles farewell and slowly fade away.
^ Totally this! :thumbup:

Except I would not go for a walk at night, due to not wanting to be attacked etc.
At night I would watch my favourite movie of all time and then go and lie in a very deep warm relaxing bath.


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It took me awhile but I thought of something I would do: If I was scheduled to take my last breath at 11:59:59 pm I would drive to the nearest hospital less than an hour before then and go out on my own terms. I would want the doctors to rip out my heart, lungs, and kidneys and give them to people that were on the waiting list for organ transplants.

.....all after pigging out on gallons of ice cream and cheesecake by a 60" inch flatscreen TV with my favorite movie/TV series of course.

I'd also want to blow something up but I can't think of anything or anyone I don't like that much...an a-hole politician's home maybe but I don't know where they live.
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