Guess which famous person am I????


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See if you can work out who I am, I will give clues regularly until someone discovers my true idendity!

Lets begin.....

I have two eyes

a nose.

More clues to come soon!


not actually Fiona Apple
So it's not Fiona Apple. Hmm...OH! Silly me, of course! It's Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart.
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I know! It's Fiona Fiona bo-biona, banana-fana fo-fiona, fee-fi mo-miona, FIONA!

God, that is the worst tongue twister ever.

It could also be Tori Amos. Just sayin'.

super frank

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Is it the 3 breasted woman from Total Recall? now before you say no think about all the benefits this would bring. There's always room for 3!