good sad songs


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I like Lithium by Nirvana but then again thats kinda uplifting.
Johnny Cash Hurt and REM Everybody Hurts are good ones


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Thank God, I've been needing some new sad songs to listen to! My favorites are "Angel" by Sarah Mclachlan and "No Heaven" by Justin Nozuka. OH and also "November" by Azure Ray. That one's great.


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Nutshell - Alice in chains
Everbody hurts - REM
Nothing compares -Sinead o Connor
Something in the way - Nirvana


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From Blind Guardian's Tolkien-based album:
Blind Guardian, "The Eldar"

And basically any track from Johnny Cash's American V: A Hundred Highways. Yes, it was finished posthumously. But on every single track he sounds so sad, lonely, worn out, and old. Definitely recommended for those depressing nights spent awake and alone. :)


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The mother of all sad songs, this literally gives me goosebumps:

YouTube - Diamanda Galas - Gloomy Sunday

Here are the lyrics:

Sadly one Sunday, I waited and waited
With flowers in my arms, for the dream I'd created
I waited 'til dreams like my heart were all broken
The flowers were all dead and the words were unspoken
The grief that I knew was beyond all consoling
The beat of my heart was a bell that was tolling
Saddest of Sundays

Then came the Sunday when you came to find me
They brought me to church and I left you behind me
My eyes would not see the one I wanted to love me
The earth and the flowers were forever above me
The bell tolled for me and the wind whispered 'never'
But you I have loved and I'll love you forever
Last of all Sundays
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