Getting your hair cut

Been going to the same barber for a while now, went again today, walked into the shop and the usual guys that work there weren't there.
Just a chick. I said 'oh er, are the lads in today at all?'
'yes, very shortly'
'OK, I'll come back'

Not that I didnt think she could cut my hair, but the other guys I know they can do it just the way I like it.
I went back, got my hair cut and it was stress free. I did notice the chick looking at me now and then though.... maybe I offended her?..
My wife has her own issues about intimacy and got her own room in the house over 10 years ago. Truth is when I was getting my hair cut that was the most physical contact I would have with a human. I hated getting it done so I would get it cut very short and go every 6 to 8 months. It always reminded me how big of a joke my life became. My life was nothing more than work and being a walking wallet for my family. I didn't want a dude cutting my hair but I felt guilty with women doing it. I would sit extremely still and sometimes a hairdresser would still accidentally hit me with her boob. I felt so worthless to even spend money on a haircut and I have been fighting the temptation to cheat normally avoiding women and it felt odd that a stranger would be more intimate in this simple act than my own wife. Getting a hair cut just reminded me how good a human touch could feel and I did not want to enjoy it. I always thought "if this person could read my mind they would think I was a pervert".

4 years ago I suddenly developed agoraphobia. So these past 4 years I have not gotten a haircut at all. I look like a hippie with hair down to my butt.

Now you all know how pathetic my life is. Probably should not have posted this lol.


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I try not to go regularly, although this ends up making my hair big and not overly presentable but hey, I'm 33 and past caring too much.

When I do, I go to a barber that's nearby and the ladies are fairly friendly and with one of them I've got an excellent rapport. I pay more than the average haircut elsewhere but for me, at the moment, that's good enough for me.

My hair is fairly simple, but back in the day I had a thing to have the same hair style as Matt Damon (think Bourne Supremacy) and despite many Google searches, couldn't find the right words to explain so I left it. And it turns out my crop of hair would have been difficult to do it anyway!
Since the situation with Covid19 is compelling many to cut their hair at home, I'm back to using my buzzer. I'm thinking about barbers that might be struggling with their business now )-=

@SilentAndShy I think the most efficient way to explain to the barber what kind of hairstyle you'd want is to show her/him a picture of yourself in it