Game Of Thrones Thread **SPOILERS AHEAD**


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I'm relieved to see such pleasant talk going on. There's a lot of bad feelings online today amongst GOT fans; many are calling for a season eight re-do. o_O
I can understand why, since they arent directly following the books there is a bit more fan service in the show, and its also rushing things a fair bit now so people are pretty mad about it. But I'm still enjoying it so I dont mind, though I really do wish we had more episodes and it wasnt quite as rushed, but I'll get the longer version if he ever finishes the books.
hmm... :unsure:

Maybe Tyrion will see Danarys coming at him.. and he will kill her in self defense! Then John will kill Tyrion in rage.. while Sansa sits on the side line watching them all destroy each other and when John says 'I don't want the throne!' and leaves with a broken heart Sansa will sit on it herself...


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I think if Tyrion goes to Dany, she will kill him. Maybe Arya will try to kill Dany for what she has done and get caught and killed, then that pushes Jon over the edge and he kills dany, then either ostracizes himself in punishment or is killed by drogon. Sansa is still in the North, so she'd have to move quick to claim the throne, though I wouldnt be surprised if she did get it.

I cant believe its got so much still to wrap up in one more episode, no wonder GRR wanted them to do more episodes


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OMG where are you Loyal?????
Apologies, didnt get to watch it til tonight coz had to wait til after uni/dinner.

Still a bit stunned tbh, processing the episode. Some things played out how I expected but the whole bit with Bran I did not expect. I can see how he will do well in the role, but I would have preferred someone else get it. At least Ghost finally got his pats, and most of my favorites survived.

Idk how I feel now that its over, I'm really gonna miss the show