Food Pictures


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Gosh, you people are making me so hungry.

What I'm craving right now is "Sweet and Sour Pork"

"Teriyaki Chicken"

"Creme Brulee"



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Calabresa with catupiry(its a brazilian cheese,its wonderful)


Thank God for Italian imigrants,though I heard the real thing in Italy isnt as tasty,but they introduced us to it ;).

Brazilian fast food
pastel,can have a lot of diferent things inside

Apple Strudel

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Damn! I'm on a diet people!! But here's some favourite foods of mine. (Great idea for a thread btw!)

The good ole' Banana Split

The delicious pineapple rice



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Haha this thread has become horrible evil and wonderful!

That rice with pineapple thing, that is new I wonder what that is like.