few real friends, & then one dies


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haven't been here in awhile.... it's sometimes hard to keep up with.

since i didn't go to school where i exist now, i don't have a huge number of local friends.

so when i try to think of someone who might want to go camping or something, the sphere of people is quite small.

i am one of the "older folks" so those who are a lot younger & have a wider social circle can't really compare to this situation.

anyway, a friend (who i knew from the old days when i was married - he used to play in a band with my ex back in the late 80's) had gone camping with me quite a few times over the past 2-3 years. it wasn't a dating situation at all, but he was fun to camp with. even tho we'd had our share of trouble, he always said "life's too short" to explain how he felt about either one of us having hard feelings.

he'd already been talking about a first camping trip coming up in april...

well, now he's dead. it's a long story that i don't need to go into, but it was pretty unexpected.

besides losing a friend to bounce stuff off of at times, i've also lost one of my (almost non-existent) local camping buddies.

i can't believe the luck i have. i know that might sound strange when it comes to this situation, but it just seems that i've often been kicked when i'm down, or have had to face really crappy things when i'm already struggling.

& now i feel much less comfortable/hopeful about the upcoming season, which is the only thing i really ever look forward to.
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Whether it's unexpected or you saw it coming for a long time, it's always a hard thing to deal with.
Take your time to grieve.

Sorry for your loss.


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Even though you didn't see him much, it's still unexpected and it will take time to deal with, as deaths do.

Very sorry for your loss.


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sorry to hear about your friend

i love camping, too

let's plan a trip
yeah, we should do that. as long as it doesn't involve driving thru those towns up there at 5mph cuz the roads are so crowded with tourists!

thanks, people. this one's a bit harder i think due to the fact that we shared an interest in going up north & doing the same stuff. he had a great sense of humor, which will be sorely missed. if it were just someone i caught a drink with occasionally or something, but didn't do anything with beyond that, it wouldn't be quite as painful or whatever. there's not really a replacement or a spot easily filled. (i'm obviously thinking about the effect this whole thing has on me & my life than it had on him, but it's hard not to look at it that way.)
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Im extremely sorry to hear of your loss. Life does have seasons, and sometimes winter seems to last forever. But eventually the sunshine does pop out from time to time. Hope you will stay strong.


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Sorry to hear about your loss, it can be difficult to get over a thing like that... (personal experience)

Hope you will manage to meet other people, maybe via meetup or some other friendship/camping sites, or maybe even here? :)

Take care ((hugs))