dns poisoned ...


in a VAN down by the RIVER
I've just emailed comodo (as that's the dns server i use) about it. You all here probably don't use comodo or google dns servers - your dns servers are safe from this attack.

Worst comes to worst, i can follow the 2 pages via email updates.

Ps: Remus, did you receive my PM? (i clicked "Send" but then ended up at a non-spw page, so i'm not sure if it went through)

The idiot dummies - AS IF anybody would click on their dumb links after been forcefully redirected (& ANNOYED) away from the site they're using!
Good news is that i can now view the latest pages of "How are you feeling?" or "Post your random thoughts/feelings etc" which were previously diverted to a scam website. :thumbup:

I expect that the dns server i'm using was tricked into accepting the IP of the scam website as legit, or sth like that.