Am i weird for feeling like this?


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I feel incredibly uncomfortable when positive things happen in my life or if it looks like things are going my way for once. I've always felt like i was born to have an unhappy/unlucky life so if anything good does happen it feel unnatural, like it's wrong for me to enjoy anything because it's not allowed and that something bad will happen as a result, sort of like a punishment for me feeling happy.

I'm not sure why i feel this way, but i have for a long time. I do have very low self esteem/self worth so i don't know if that's maybe the issue. I also have OCD and sometimes get strange thoughts about bad things happening aswell.


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I know about this.

You say you have low self-worth. That translates into you not believing you deserve good things in your life, and that all you'll ever deserve is tragedy and pain. Something good is foreign in your mind - you're not used to it, so you don't really know how to react, and will immediately go to the negatives because that's all you're conditioned to know.

I will also think that a good event usually precedes a bad one, so you're more focused on the upcoming negative than the current positive. That can't help, either.

My therapist once said that if I can jump so quickly to the negatives, why can't I jump so quickly to the positives? I can see she has a point, but I know it's not that easy. It requires a big attitude shift and different ways of thinking. You can do it, if you wanted to do it.

I'm sorry you're so low on self-esteem. You're definitely worth more than what you think you are. :)


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I get scared when things start to go well. What can possibly go wrong? Will I lose the good things I have created?


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Yeah, it's one of those limiting beliefs. Or I guess I should say no, it's perfectly normal (imho).