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  • Just white... if I can find which paint is compatible though lol... (it was peach pink paint of unknown make before, don't tell anyone!!) I'm from the continent...
    YAY for finishing exams!! :) Hope it went well!! :) *sends some heat over and wants to come to Wales!!*
    haven't done much, been to a seminar/workshop and uhm, just trying to survive the heatwave really lol... and gather strength to re-paint a room...
    Hey! Red Squirrel!! :) How's it going? (And what have you been up to? :)) I'm better, have been feeling a bit sucky (heatwave & PMS! lol!) but at the moment I'm great lol! And you?
    Hey girl!! - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! (I don't know how to say this auf Welsh!! :))

    Wishing you lots of wonderful moments and general awesomeness!!
    lol You've been busy!! :) Thanks! Quite some people I don't know there.. maybe stuff for rainy boring afternoons? ;)
    Hey hun! I don't mind Welsh hot guys to google up! :) Can you post it as a .doc document, I can't open docx? (Or indeed on the forums in 'offtopic' section or something, maybe other people could add more? :D)
    Ha ha, did you just find that out now? :D Do post the list on the forums somewhere!! Or give me the link if it's on a blog or somewhere? :)
    Hey Wiwer-Goch! How's it going? Maybe there could be like a separate thread for awesome red-head characters?? (Not forgetting Rupert and everyone of the Weasleys in Harry Potter! :))
    lol I didn't know that! (Maybe I saw it in black-n-white? Don't remember!) Anne of Green Gables is another famous red-head that I wanted to be (illustration on the book is way better than the series though!:D) A penpal from Asia sent me that book once, we didn't know Anne before, just Pippi! :D She was my childhood hero!
    Oh, and sleeps with feet on the pillow! :D There's a festival where we live and it's FUN! (Even for non-kids, uhm! :D)
    He he? Who wouldn't want to be her? :D She has a horse and a monkey and lives on her own in a villa with an acient garden and trees where lemonade grows :D
    Aww, that is soo cute!! :) I thought it was something mysterious and exotic, like moonlight by the lake or something! :D (I love squirrls and always wanted to have red hair - have you read Pippi Longstocking?)
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