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    Drysol for the face/scalp...advice?

    Just got Drysol from my doc, uhhh so just wondering how effective it is for facial sweating if anyone knows. Anyone else ever use it there? How do you guys put it on? Thanks for any tips in advance.
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    So I've got health insurance now

    Haven't had it in four years, gonna schedule an appointment with a doctor tomorrow...what do I say to the doc? I'm probably going to feel like an idiot telling him I've self-diagnosed myself with hyperhidrosis and I probably won't even be sweating in the office, I dunno. When you guys went to...
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    I wonder how many people here like Evangelion

    I'm re-watching this series for the first time in years, not quite as enthralled with it as I was when I was 17 but it's still brilliant. The reason a lot of people are fans of the show is because they relate to the characters -- the main one who is depressed, love/hates his father and gets...
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    Does anyone get sweaty when they drink soda

    like out of a can, after a couple seconds does your face get a little moistened god this sounds ****ing lame. but this is what happens. also the reason why I order water a lot.
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    i always wanted a motorcycle, so i bought one the other day. took a class and got my license a week and a half ago. it's pretty fun! albeit heavy, and I hate turning sharp because I'm scared I'll go too wide and hit a car. so uhhhh anyone else ride.
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    Are we breathing wrong?

    During the 'sweat attack' (lol..ugh), has anyone else noticed we aren't breathing normally? As if we've stopped breathing? And then you let out a big sigh after it's all said and done. Anyone consider maybe deep breathing exercises can help out, maybe just a little? edit: My face sweats, so...
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    Anyone have diabetes? Maybe we have it

    I know this sounds stupid, maybe some of you have thought of it too...but maybe we've got diabetes? Maybe we need insulin? I'm tired and feeling blah, figured why not ask you fine people..
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    Skin Effects Redness Control lotion - thoughts?

    Does anyone use lotion to help their blushing/redness? Just went to CVS and got a product from Skin Effects called "Redness Control Laser Correcting Treatment with Red Algae Concentrate". There's only an ounce of it and it cost $20, so I'm really hoping it'll help me with my blushing and...
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    Does running/working out affect blushing?

    I feel that the more I run, the more it affects my blushing. When I work out, I sweat easily and blush a lot; the redness stays for a few hours even when I'm done. Do you think this can perpetuate long-term damage if I do this continually? I dunno, just something I've noticed.
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    Geez I hate shaving

    makes my face all red and stuff. maybe I should get a better razor. suggestions? i just use disposable ones for a few months, until they start to rust. that's not good, is it
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    Hey, what about ritalin

    Doesn't this calm hyper kids down well what if we tried it wouldn't we be calmed down or something just a thought.
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    Have you ever stopped caring

    or felt so indifferent, that you'd think 'Fuck it, it doesn't matter anymore', that for a moment of time you'd stop sweating? I'm guessing it has something to do with a lack of worrying/nervousness, since you wouldn't care, you wouldn't worry, either. This has happened to me a few times...but...
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    Do you have asthma?

    just wondering...I have asthma and for some reason I think there's a link between it and my HH. whenever I start sweating, I stop breathing as much and then when I stop, I take in a deep breath. I dunno, just a thought...
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    Hyperhidrosis has fucked up my life

    I've always sweated a bit extra more than other people my entire life, but when I became a teenager things just spiraled out of control. I have no friends. I've never had a girlfriend. I didn't go to college. I didn't do a goddamned thing in 2007. Or 2006. Or 2005. My family thinks I...