Skin Effects Redness Control lotion - thoughts?


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Does anyone use lotion to help their blushing/redness?

Just went to CVS and got a product from Skin Effects called "Redness Control Laser Correcting Treatment with Red Algae Concentrate". There's only an ounce of it and it cost $20, so I'm really hoping it'll help me with my blushing and redness.

Even if no one else has used this, feel free to name some products that have helped...and others that haven't. Thanks.


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It's pretty nice. Almost been a month of usage, still have about half a bottle's worth. Doesn't get all the red out but it definitely cools the face.

I'd recommend it.


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i've been interested in cream lotions to cover the redness. I recently found this page:
"B.Kamins Bio Maple Booster Blue Rosacea treatment - It is a cream/lotion that you can apply to your face to cosmetically conceal, or at the very least reduce considerably, redness and flushing."
Might need to check it out!
I think there are number of good creams, gels, lotions available. So many people I know have rosacea and the number one complaint is that the stuff they use doesn't prevent break outs or flare-ups. CamuClear is something I have recently started recommended to my friends based of my previous experience with some of the other great products they make. It's a natural supplement and cream combination, and the price isn't bad. If you really want to treat something like rosacea then you need to look at small dietary changes as well. CamuClear accounts for that which I can't say about some of the other stuff out there.

Please keep us informed about how Skin Effects continues to work. Thanks!