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    Springk's Questions / Rambles

    Hi everyone I have been a member here for three years i guess. Have posted very little mainly in how are you feeling section. My story is a complicated one , i dont think anyone gets it, not even me. The bottom line is that i am 26 and i have enough. Dont worry its not the post about ending it...
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    Post what you cannot say

    TO DESTINY/GOD/THE POWER/ANYONE WHO HAS MADE ME(i don't know who) so To whoever is concerned Dear whoever I am sorry i don't know who you are exactly but any how i believe that you are someone. I admit i don't have enough faith and well i feel bad about it but i can't help it. Ok, so here it...
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    Post what you cannot say

    I have the same thing to say to someone i will miss forever.
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    Beauty!!Inner vs Outer

    Beauty is something that is subjective and each one has a different notion of it. In general it is said that inner beauty is all that matters. Even if you are not beautiful/handsome(good looks) etc it does not matter as long your beautiful inside. My experiences show me that nobody has so much...
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    ask the next person?

    I have noticed there is no thread where you ask a question and the other person replies.(a kind of game) so i will begin The country / countries you will like to visit?
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    How much time you spend here?

    I was wondering how much time you guys spend here? I feel i spend way too much time here..just being a spectator who lurks about. So i think i should visit less forums and concentrate on how to improve my situation thats affected by anxiety. Do you feel that you spend too much time? Dont you...
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    How to close an account on a forum?

    hi everyone. i have a question . i want to deactivate my accounts on variours forums that i dont use. i realized that i was member of many forums i dont visit so i wanted to close those accounts. then i found there was no option to delete the account....may be its just me that dont know. plz...
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    i am not very sure if the pic will be visible
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    HI i have OCD

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    What kind of OCD you have?

    hi i have ocd, i would like to know what kind of ocd you have. i think its not possible to classify ocd into types as at the base of all kind of ocd there is the same thing-fear of doing something wrong/something bad happening and then the compulsion(mental or physical) trying to get rid of the...