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  • wuhoo you're my first friend on here..finally! lol I've been visiting this website on and off for a few years now and havn't even made a friend till now lol.

    Cheers for the add..holla if u need to talk bout anything. I need to get some sleep for work 2morrow Cya
    Thanks for the friend request Sarah, I know it's a bit late now but... welcome to SPW! :D
    Hi Sarah, it's nice to meet you. Great posts so far, and I hope to be reading more of you in future.
    It's weird but in a good way when you meet someone that seems to have the same problems as you, when i first joined this forum i was so happy to meet people just like me, it made me feel kind of normal in a way lol i'm an old woman compared to you, i hate saying my age...weird i know, but that's just me lol
    The forum used to be different, they changed the format a while back and i found it really confusing at first to find my way round, but it's not that hard, just keep clicking on things and you'll get the hang of it hehe
    I guess i found out when i was about 16-17 i used to be a social butterfly, always out and about, but i began to find it harder and harder to be in social situations and around people, it's been hard but i'm determined to kick SA out of the window hehe
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