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  • We all know how you are, leaving "annoying" messages everywhere and not forgetting to label me as a stalker almost every time my name is mentioned. :rolleyes:
    That's it...? Really?? That actually sounds like the perfect life to me. I've always dreamed of moving out somewhere secluded, like in a forest in a nice cabin-style home where I don't have to interact with anyone unless I really want to. There's really nothing crazy about that and I can actually see where you're coming from on it. I doubt I'll ever be able to find a place like that but if that's what you really want then by all means, go for it, because that sounds like a lovely life to me.
    Not at all! It actually makes me want to strive harder to overcome my anxiety and this place even inspired me to start on a novel related to dealing with SA. And who knows: maybe someday when I'm the confident person I'm striving to be I'll start a group for people of all ages dealing with social phobia where I can advocate how to overcome their social phobia and guide each individual through the process. This place really has given me a lot of inspiration and reading everyone's story here makes me want to do something to help people suffering with this over a large scale. I know that sounds kind of far-fetched but I really do want to be able to do these things.
    I really hope our stalker jokes didn't offend her because she logged off right after I posted on her page ::(: And of course I would, but I'm just starting to feel like there's no reason for me to hang around here anymore.
    And Phoenixx is not a stalker. She's just really good at finding posts with her name mentioned in them. Or maybe she really is a stalker? o_O
    Is that a threat I detect my good sir? Do I need to drag Remus and Coyote over here to apprehend you? And in case you've forgotten, I can teleport myself wherever I want. How else do you think I'm standing behind you with a bloody knife in hand?

    Made you look didn't I? ::p: or maybe not, knowing you. Bah. Fine, I won't leave SPW then. For now......
    Hey, I just happened to go to her page and saw the conversation. It was too hard to ignore. Sorry for poking my nose in.
    Oh how sorry I'm going to feel for Phoenixx and Super when I leave this place D:
    Kidding, and your messages aren't even close to being annoying or abusive. I find them quite amusing actually. Nobody else has ever taken it upon themselves to challenge me as much as you do.

    That's surprising to hear, and wow 3 years?? Well, I'm glad you decided to stick around in the end. Can't say I'll do the same if I do decide to leave, and it's something I'm still considering and probably something that won't even happen knowing me.
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