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  • Sounds good. I'll also be finishing school a little later than I intended. I didn't get as many prerequisites as I thought I did when I went to community college. Now I gotta make up all the ones I'm missing and it kinda sucks. :/ I plan on taking extra courses during the winter and summer just so I can possibly get out earlier.
    Washing cars sounds much better. Was it just a summer job? Thought you were done with school by now?
    Ah I see. I haven't been hanging around here much either over the past year or so, in case you haven't noticed. I come back every now and then (like today) just to take a quick peek, maybe post a little, check in to see what people are doing.

    Nissan dealer? Selling cars? It's nice to get money rolling in. I hate that I'm still unemployed, but I'm going back to school so that's keeping me busy.
    Yeah what was up with the 2 year hiatus? Seems like you just disappeared off the face of the interwebs entirely.
    Across the country! ...Not really. I'd love to though. I'm only going to New Jersey.
    Sounds like you're having a blast. At least you're getting paid. I haven't really been up to much. Mostly just being bored and watching too much tv and being on the internet too long. My summer hasn't been extremely dead though. I did manage to go to Delaware, and stayed a lot longer than I expected (3 weeks; came back a couple weeks ago), and I'm hoping to be going on a roadtrip at the end of the month.
    I don't think I've ever seen you use "cute" in a sentence. Isn't that a bit outside your vocabulary?

    Oh, and yes I suppose you CAN say I'm complaining about your "cute" (angry) bird.
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