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  • Nah I still have my PS3, just no Souls games on it. A lot of people sold theirs when the new stuff came out but I like to replay old stuff. Ill still hook up my sega genesis sometimes. Im gonna try invading now, watch I get murdered on sight lol.
    Pop in, oh wait. We might be on different platforms haha. Im playing Dark Souls on PC because it was on sale and I was like why the heck not. After that I got the sequel on PS4. I dunno if you've heard about the new Dark Souls 2 but From Software are living up to their reputation of trolling lol. They put stronger monsters in areas where they previously werent. I dont know why I like these games. I guess I just get a kick out of seeing other peoples phantoms die in funny ways. People rolling backwards off a cliff is too funny.
    No, it's a GBA game , I am playing it on my mobile phone with an emulator.
    I finished oblivion four years ago, that game is a masterpiece.
    There's the witcher 3 coming next month
    He might have been optional. I honestly can never tell, since DS never gives you any hints as to where to go. But I managed to stay away from him and pelt him with soul arrows. Hmm I think Im about level 51? Ive not seen a lot of people online lately and sure I wouldnt mind the help if it was possible!
    pokémon glazed (hacked version) just for the sake of seeing another remade johto, and GTA V, you?
    I didn't really bother to catch them all, only if you are required to do it to unlock new areas or to progress further in the story. I am not a fan of the animés either...since the plot is different from the game. I don't know about getting them in DVD, internet is full of them, unless you want to make a collection. here's another one the artwork is amazing
    On Dark Souls the last boss I beat was Sif. Man that dog is quick. Anyways spell casting is what Im trying to do too. I started out trying to do sword and shield, but I changed my mind and now my character is spread a little thin on stats lol. Im hoping it isn't too big a deal because Id hate to start over.
    Hey thanks for the add. I wanted to ask, what class did you like using most in the Souls games?
    I look forward to playing the remakes , but I have to say that since black and white pokémon changed a bit as it became some kind of "hipster game" (character customization , pokémon make up ....etc) these days I am listening to pokémon game music from the first 4 generations (animé or remixes) : here's a good example
    all the gameboy->DS main versions ,not the 3ds ones , gold/silver are my favourites. how about you?
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