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  • haha. I like how at around 0:30, the turtle stops and is like, "Alright, we're here. Get off me now," and the cat's like, "Alriiiiiight... SIKE! I'm just gonna turn around and sit closer to your face!" ::p: :D

    Oh, and ya! Billy most definitely looked PISSED! hahaha. He seriously has a, "I effin HATE this..." scowl on his face. ::p:
    i love this pic on Flickr - Photo Sharing! hahahahahaha oh pinky winky pooooos , i love this pic :D
    Oh OK. haha. I didn't want to ask what happened to the crow because I was like, "Giant, loud scavenging bird living in a house... that can't end well." ::p: I'm glad to know he went to a good home. :)

    Aw, and that's cute that Marilyn used to lick your face, too. I was kinda actually thinking those people in the vids put something on their faces (like honey lol) to attract those bunnehs. haha. :D
    Oops, my bad. :) I really thought you said "cow". I just figured you grew up on a farm or something. haha. Oh wow, so it was a crow... those birds get huge, don't they? They're not like those tiny ones that seafolly had. lol.

    Oh and ya, mine was the same way. Didn't like to be picked up at all... but that's OK, they can show affection in other ways (I'm sure you've seen these all btw haha):

    YouTube - An Affectionate Rabbit

    YouTube - Bunny Kisses

    YouTube - An Interesting Rabbit ?
    lol. I love how the camera makes that bunneh look like it has a disproportionately ginormous head. :) That dude's kinda holding him weird, too. Then again, I'm sure rabbits that large don't like to be picked up at all! haha.
    "I wouldn't do anything bad to people, i'd just make sure they could see me living it up with all my money while they're still struggling mwahahahahaha"

    That literally made me LOL. haha. :D
    "i'm just doing what any daughter would do"

    hmmm... I think we both know that's not true. :) There are way more selfish and recreant people in this world than peeps like you! You sacrifice a lot, PP, for sure; you shouldn't be so modest! :D

    Oh, and ya, I totally agree with you on the money thing! It doesn't make you evil at all. Even the Bible says "righteous indignation" isn't a sin. Heck, if I were rich, there'd be a lot of people I'd be righteously indignant towards, too! haha. Watch out, enemies and frenemies! :D
    My worst problem is controlling the little thumbstick thingies - man, that's hard. I thought i was more coordinated than that! :]
    Gotta say, you're pretty amazing, PP! :) I've said it before, but your mom is very lucky to have you. Hopefully one day you become really, really rich, and get to rub it in all these people's faces who left you and your mom to your own devices. That'd be pretty good karma, I think! :D

    Oh, and here's a random bunneh pic just cuz. haha!

    xbox - cool! I just bought one of, too, last week - great for distracting myself when I'm sitting home alone at night. Hope you and your mom are doing better!
    I don't have any system at the moment, sadly. I've been reduced to illegally downloading computer games for my computer, lol. Don't go telling on me!

    Do you know what is causing your nose dive? Hope you feel better soon.

    England is playing now! You watching? I see they've benched Mr. Green, lol.
    yeah it's spicing up, but it's becoming impossible to predict what's gonna happen.::p:
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