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  • I can understand if I can say a lot about one thing. I think I do remember having to wrote about something in school and I was greatly interest but didn't have to write as much as I wanted.
    "Trying to condense the topic of obesity to 5 pages, even when focusing on a specific subtopic, is quite challenging. There's so much to say. It's complex. But I'm in my zone of interest, which makes it more enjoyable, even if I am writing it under last-minute pressure (as usual)."

    I wish I knew how to explain thing like that. Going to college, essays are what scare me. I never been and when I hear people saying they have a 5, 10, page paper to write, I'm terrified. You much be so smart and into whatever class that is.

    Do you read a lot (well I would have to assume you do now since you're in school)? What kind of things do you read? Have you always been an avid reader?
    OK, you don't find religion wonderful... but going out of your way to make a negative statement about a group of people is another thing. It is telling that the mods think it is OK, because I doubt it would fly if you requested to have a title belittling gays or any other group of people.
    Faith can be a source of healing for those dealing with depression. Do you think atheists are intellectually superior to people of faith?

    About the book: SAME HERE!!! I stopped midway through... it was just too rich... The Shining made you question more if it was psychological vs paranormal whereas this was just overtly hokey paranormal. But my memory of The Shining may be tainted by the movie, it's been awhile.
    Who labeled you FSM Priestess? Let me guess. The mods' hypocritical intolerance is embarrassing. Anyway, did you read Doctor Sleep? What did you think?
    Opaline, I hope you are feeling better. If you ever need to vent to someone feel free to go at it in PM. You're in my thoughts.
    dang it! i was going to rec a movie i think you'd dig. get on the netflixs- you're missing out!
    no. no goats here. Our land lord won't let us have any :'(
    Those kids are the cutest things eva! I was around a few this summer, too. Buttermilk has her own game app I see.:bigsmile: I would love to have some dairy goats and make my own cheeses, ice cream, have raw milk all the time. I have been researching them for the past 2 yrs. That, and chickens. Have to have some of those someday too. :)
    Write to your cousin what you posted here. Don't be too proud to reach out and ask for help. Who knows, maybe he can get you an internship in Las Vegas. Ask him for advice, and be honest. But, if you would like to work out there, ask him point blank.
    Having Depression SUCKS! Even with my new found perspective and determination, it will knock you on your butt now and then. But, I guess how long you stay on your butt, depends on positive coping techniques, habits, SUPPORT, and even medication.
    TALK TO HIM. You'll be glad that you did. Everyone needs a mentor. Ask him to be yours! Don't let PRIDE get in the way.....that's a ticket to nowhereville.
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