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    do you feel invisible?

    I feel like everywhere I go i'm forgotten, overlooked, not considered ,that I am never asked to be part of things... its gotten to point where I have tried everything yet it still feels like I don't exist to people. I used to make a lot of effort, I did all the following stuff in the past...
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    what is your opinion on people that make these sorts of statements

    I have seen people make statements that are similar to "never trust the opinion of people that are taking medication" or "don't take seriously the thoughts of someone that has mental health problems." do you think this is right? or is this wrong in your eyes? do you believe that there is an...
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    have you ever been loved?

    aside from family members, would you say you've ever been loved by someone? I haven't, ever. I doubted whether I was loved by my family as a child, and for large periods of childhood I suspected they perhaps didn't. I think I eventually came to the conclusion in the end that they did care about...
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    do you think you can spot a nasty person?

    or a particularly bad person? I used to think I was getting better at this. I was a bit clueless at school and got involved with some terrible people but once I left I thought I had figured out how to tell if someone is a bit horrible by observing their behaviour. the trouble I find I have...
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    do you find ambition in a partner an attractive trait?

    I'm kind of not bothered about this, some people say how they find it really attractive but to me it isn't important and in some ways i'd prefer a person with little interest in being ambitious.
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    what exactly do people do all day on facebook?

    I hear stories mentioned in conversation every now and then about people that spend all their time on facebook. I have an account on there but I don't understand how people do this. just what exactly are they doing on there?
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    just how do you go about meeting other people with social anxiety?

    or any other similar mental health conditions? when you have social anxiety its difficult to do group meetings or go to places where you can meet others. using the web doesn't really seem to be a good replacement ,I find that there isn't enough places online where people are interested in...