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  • Weather wise its been really windy and raining alot over the xmas period.Whats winter like in Australia weather wise.
    Hi.Have a good xmas if you can.A xmas in a warm climate is probably feels different than it would during a british winter.Quite a few people over here go away for the xmas period to hotter countries.
    Hi.I am sorry I did not respond sooner but I only just spotted your message on my page.I use my phone to go online and the screen is quite small.Appoligizes.

    Im not a fan of violent tv shows to be honest but there are a number of US shows like the Wire,Game of throwns that are popular over here.Lots of people get excited about these shows.Dawton Abbey is another show that alot of people here are keen on but I have never seen it.There was alot of media excitement about Doctor Who.

    Im a big fan of rock groups like Guns and Roses,Queen because their music I think is just timeless and can match the big groups of today.I have not listened to much Led Zippilin,ACDC,Thin Lizxie for some reason.Maybe if I did I would like them.What do you think of Stone temple pilots,Creed,Feeder,Foofighters,Muse.
    I like the idea behind Parks and Recreation of setting a show in a goverment department.That is original.Do you have any Australian comedy shows and dramas set in Australia and made there.

    I do like IT crowd because like The Big Bang theory,its built around main characters that are more nerdy rather than jocks or pretty boys.Like me they like comics, sci fi, they get embarrased around girls etc.Can you relate to these characters.
    Im not sure if I perfer british or american comedy.Umfortunetly there seems to be a lack of variety at the moment in british comedy.In the US there seems to be alot more quality and variety at the moment.In britain there are mainly comedy panel shows with comedians on it.I like some of them but yhere are too many I think.In the US there are so many good shows such as Big Bang theory,Rules of Engagement,New Girl,Parks and Recreations.Who do you think does more quality comedy.US or British.
    It still amazes me when I hear that people in countries over seas like and watch the same shows I do particuraly british ones.I guess since Aus is mainly an english speaking country with close links to Britain it makes it easier for these programmes to catch on maybe.Which channel shows the show and are there many british and US shows shown at home in Australia.
    Hi.I noticed the IT Crowd on your profile.In the UK there is a british comedy show with the same name.Is it the same show.
    Huh, never really thought about animals unique to here. We have racoons. After birds, squirrels are the most common wild animal I see. I've fed them & they've gotten pretty close. Once was bit a little when I held my hand out the door w/ a peanut. Do you not have any/many of those animals you mentioned?
    How cute! You guys have such wonderful animals there. I live close to a cemetery like that. People walk or bike on its paths. Sat & read there a few weeks ago - very peaceful.
    Yeah, that's the city. I'm on a main street, but I'd call it suburbs. Really close to the city though, so there's a good amount of people. Different from where I grew up, which was lots of woods & fields. What's it like where you are?
    Wow that's awesome! No, never played any by them. I like all instruments, but yeah, I love the piano. Sometimes I even like the sound if they're out of tune. Once I heard a piano version of a song done out of tune & I liked it better.
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