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  • I am trying on my side. Things are still not good. Hope it will be fine someday :( . I still cant understand this site very well :p
    I'm fine thanks, its been relatively static in the past few weeks, nothing dramatic or anything. It sounds like you're faring well, that's good.
    Thanks neardeath, hope you're doing okay.

    I go to school, but I have a confirmed work experience placement and intend to start casual work sometime this year. Hopefully it'll go well and things will go as planned.
    just try to remember that your son loves you, and will continue to love you no matter what you say or do or don't say or do - just open your heart and let him in, and all the rest will take care of itself. good luck!!
    things are good today - my day off. sun is shining (beautiful in spite of the 10 degree temps). went to the Y and worked out. shopped for groceries. leaving now for the woods to walk the dog (she loves the snow). going to a basketball game tonight.

    all in all a good day :thumbup:
    it's all coming to this side. 10 inches today, temps below zero tomorrow (without the wind). why do we live in this environment?
    barely any snow here. Second winter in a row. Thinking of Oregon where the grass is greener. Way below zero wind chills here again tonight, so out with dog booties once again!
    hey, thanks for the welcome message. you figured out how to use the site yet?! let me know how you get on
    lol I even dreamed of blue spiders that attached themselves to the moving truck when I was moving. They talked, too. Some of the dreams are rather entertaining in a sick way.
    I've never dreamt of spiders and thankful that I haven't. The worst I've come across are white tailed spiders. I hate those spindly ones.
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