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  • happy new year wendychan ^^ i hope this year can be better and that u can accomplish ur dreams and ofc send me many presents i deserve! xD jk btw how is going?
    are u fitting good in ur new job? any new anime? some adventure?
    Sushi came in Italy and was Sugoiiii ^^
    I hope you feel better soon *hug*
    And thanks! I had my last exam today, now I can just work in my project, so I'm mostly free until January :p
    PS: I sent the last visitor message last week right after you replied to me, but I made the noob mistake of answering in my own wall instead of yours and I didn't notice until I logged in again today XD
    Congrats on the job! What is it? And is there anything wrong?
    I'm fine, school got a bit stressing in the end but it will go better now that I can focus on my research.
    Hey Wendy how is going? anyways my knee is still hurting =\ demn i have my feet like iced there is a lot of cold here damn i m feeling like if they can break in anytime like freezed lolz i just put them on the hot water =P how is going ur work? and im still waiting u for give me free stuffs from the market where u work =P
    First of all congrats for the job ^^ so when if i ever come to the supermarket u work and i fullfill my this--->

    u will make me pass and allow me all free without paying right?=P
    damn i need a schedule like an aim to lose weight , especially in this days i ve gained some weight =\ and there is my knee that i got injured that keeps hurting so i cant even go play basket but damn i wanna lose this damn extra weight... btw congrats again for the work im happy for u , well done nooba ^^
    he just miss the cool mustaches u know? something like that:

    anyways okay when she has time she will look it up.. btw maybe we can create a losing weight group lolz but no idea how to xD maybe u know someonelse want to lose weight?
    thats the jap santa claus:

    hahah xD im expecting the gifts! u better send =P anyway sure when ill talk to her and we will decide ill let u know , but the point is to find a cheap accomodation i guess , anyways im hungry damn i still didnt eat i should be studing but im starving lolz i also need to lose weight =\ i have to make again the losing table weight i feel fatter than this jap santa claus lolz
    lolz , i guess u are having ur things xD jk btw yeah sonata its great , we went on 28july to concert at a city called nokia there in finland , we even wrote our names on a bridge ^^ and she was soo happy for the concert , i like to make her happy , she deserves it. anime > manga indeed.

    okay lemme know about the prices will u be the bad santa jap claus?xD
    Sushi with sushi? thats great idea we must do that!

    i want that:

    The sushi ship =P
    its nice because we share many interest , and she made me know about sonata arctica too which is a great band , im trying to learn some lyrics , she just read it once and learn it i have to read like 234932482340times for know half of the song lolz , and also we both like jap stuff and just have fun spontaneous , anyways ill let u know but about how much would it coast for some days? omg could u control from reading? great ^^ the anime > manga cos all u have to do is stay there and enjoy the action =P but yeah manga sometimes is nice to see the drawing but better see the blood bleeding xD lolz anyways with sushi should be toghether but we still dont know what we will do all i know is that i want her in my arms =) and what about u have u some cool plan like go in japan and take a dragon and go all over tokyo?xD

    we bought a cheap nerd glasses and went around messing with ppl and pretending to be nerds and retards xD haha was funny tho like starring ppl from a window of a restaurant and they like embarassed and once we greet them and they greet back xD and many other funny stuffs , i guess that yeah we want to come , but not very sure when we dont have too much money and need to find a cheap place where to stay but yeah the intention is to visit ^^ im sorry about the job , keep searching it its not any easy nowdays but im sure u can do it , the other 3lords? well my fav is shanks ^^ hes such a bad ass xD remember when he stopped the war?
    Hey Wendy , sorry for not asnwering before , anyways was great in sushiland ^^ we ate a bigbig sushi with avocado xD (we took like the biggest sushimeal and there were 2with avocados idk how we did it but we saved one for her mum =P i was like resist resist dont eat it lolz xD) btw how is going? and the pic of before was amazing where u found it? have u seen onepiece? when rufy dared to kick mamas ass?xD

    lol I actually haven't went, just what I've heard and seen online. (But I will one day, even if I have to swim. jk) >.< Trips going to be pricey tho, I'm probably looking at 10,000 for everything, especially shopping.
    Oh my gosh yes! lol Anime, cosplay, Drama's, Movies, Food, music.. the list goes on and on, I was obsessed for years, still am. They just have awesome taste, Japan isn't like anywhere else in the world.
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