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  • Okay.Do you go to the cinema much or do you perfer dvds.I go to my local cinema occassional but Im more likely to watch a dvd at home.
    Hi.I have not heard of the Chapman brothers.What sort of illustrations do you.Drawing and painting takes real skill and I have respect for people who do them well. I like quite a few artists like Monet,Canoletto,JMW Turner,Constable,Mary Ellen Best. Do you like any of these.The beauty of their paintings really moves me.Paintings of plants,animals,people at work or play,towns,cities are my favourites. Art is still new to me though since its only been one of my hobbies for a few years.
    Hi my name is Ransford.On your profile you listed art as an interest.Im into looking at art in books and at galleries.Do you paint and do you have any favourite artists.
    Hey M!
    from experience (my dad's and mine) rheumatism/arthritis can be helped with nutrition and movement, have you tried yet? (read online that lupus can be helped with nutrition too!) Even just walking can be helpful, ideally on fresh air and sun...? for d. too!!
    (I know it can be difficult at first, can you at least try?) You're in London, how can you not go outside?!! :) (I'm in the middle of nowhere, so it's more understandable lol, though it's beautiful here.. and sometimes I just make myself go!! Though we had some iffy weather lately so yikes..) Anyway ((hugs)) and hope things get better!!
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