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  • Good to hear from you again. Yeah, i'm feeling like that lately. Do you have any distractions or hobbies for the time being? I've been bored out of my brain which i'm sure isn't helping.
    Hi man, thanks for the message. Don't get too worried about me.. you know how it is. I somehow feel comfortable having depression, it's really the loneliness that gets me sometimes.
    How long is it since you've been to bed??? I'll probably try and have a kip later, if not i'll definitely sleep tonight lol
    omg...i would have died if i did that! but good on the lady, especially as you bumped into her in an alley, most women would have screamed and ran, it is really refreshing to know people still care enough to help...were you ok afterwards? did you go straight back home?
    I had an outing yesterday as well, i went to Starbucks for a Frappachino...yuuuummmy hehe
    Yeah hopefully i'll get on there soon. No not really, i'm feeling really depressed. I don't like mentioning it on here too much because people don't get it anyway. Hope you're ok.
    Hey you're totally welcome...i've just sent you a message on Facebook...so i thought seeing as we're friends on there, why not on here as well lol
    I'm not too bad today thanks, i've had some stuff to distract me which helps sometimes. How are you feeling? Btw your cat is amazing!
    Kitteh power all the way!lol,sorry if i was rude on chat and didnt say bye,i had to ban someone.I wasnt being ignorant sorry!
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