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  • I'm a pharmacy technician and a psychology student. I live in Hamilton.
    yes please email me the story!! [email protected]
    thanks that is very sweet. I try very hard to stay possitive and it's been rough especially the past few months or so but I know things will be getting better and you are right the best thing is for me not to stress too much and be strong. This site has definitely been helping me through my hard time. thanks.
    Yep, they are. Unless it's a more than likely mutated male cat that's sterile, then it might be calico!!
    I just read that 99 bottles of beer thing you did. I was laughing my head off. That made my day.
    Hey how's it goin? I just recently found this site and since I was just talking to you i thought maybe you would be interested. check it out, Home
    Heres a visitor message seeing as you havnt got one off anyone else yet!And thanks for translating what the writing ment on my picture,i never had a clue what it ment if im honest.
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