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  • ::(: spw is boring without you...please come back so i can crush on you! <3<3<3 ;)
    LOL i wish i was also an alien then i would probably have an excuse for my wierdness, but the closest i get to an alien status is the fact that my parents were "illegal aliens" would that count? =P Im doing well working on a term paper (made it interesting by focusing on Harry Potter =)...How are you doing?
    Pretty good for once actually. I'm about to go out and meet some friends over some coffee. I have a feeling it's going to be a good day for a change.
    Hey Kathryn :) Good luck with finding a job!. Let us know how your going with it etc.
    Oh sorry I took so long to reply. Your message got lost in translation I guess ::p:. I'm good thanks, What is it you were watching?
    So cool! Do you speak French? ::p: I love the language, it's so fluently.
    I visited france, and it is cool, i love the mountains and the rivers.
    Free is a beautiful name! 21 degrees is lovely, it's not cold, it is nice! (celcius:p)
    Life is good good, finally the weather is normal again, last night a lot of thunders and it's been 33 degrees here, lol. Today it is 21, it is perfect now ::p:

    i'm going to the mall this afternoon, and i'll be doing homework for my group training.

    are you from france btw? because of the .fr ? or what does it strand for?

    hey have a nice day!

    That's just me.

    When I am in darker moods (like these days) my writing shifts from pointless humor/sarcasm to a potentially magnificent, dread filled display of words. That could be described like a cup of rare wine. Not saying a tasty wine more dry and bitter.
    Interesting. Isn't life so very wonderful? Ah but only for brief split and fleeting moments. Quite amazing how dreadful it can be for so long, eh.
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