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    Well, on start of it i was feeling really bad and few times freeze by staring on the table and i wasn't holding an eye contact with waitress, cuz he was all the time jumping there around and making faces on baby and smiling, and i was creepy nerves, but later i relax and was ok. I had very good cake, hehe, but in restaurant i didn't enjoy coz small baby always bring more people around but i guess later there i was after some time relaxed. If we went to flat there i was totaly fine little maybe nerves but not like there.

    Thank u Joyce, yea is little better as yesterday 'but still not this what should be'.

    How are you??I wasnt talking to you long hun. I hope everything is fine.
    I miss u i hope we talk soon!
    Hello Joyce,

    Im here dont worry,im ok (i try to be), how are you?
    I hope we talk soon, take care my cute frend.
    Hey, How are you? The chat doesn't work properly.
    So I thought, let's write a message for you.
    Greetings... Flowerly
    Barrie, eh. Last time I travelled through there, complete white-out. I haven't been up that way in a long time. I don't see much snow any more where I am :(

    Keep well. Don't be a stranger.

    I haven't talked to you in forever, I miss our chats. I hope you had a nice X-Mas and New Year. Look forward to talking to you again! Until next time! Take care!
    Hello joyce,

    How are you? I hope u are fine the finest as u can be. I hope we talk soon.
    Take care my fragile frend.
    Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
    Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
    And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear…
    Wish u a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.2011!!!


    ___________< o >
    _________o`* o.@*o`.
    ________.' '*Q o *o@
    ________( () o*o* @ o'.
    _______.-' o *0_Q.-'-;*o)
    _______.' 0 Q @0@ ()* `-.
    ______* @ o*o @. ‘Q * o )
    _____o`-...-@""-Q '-~@'`0*.’
    _____.'` @ Q * 0*’Q. ‘ @`-.)
    _____*.' o . @* '-@‘o’’Q.*-oQ’.
    ____* @ * ._()__0*Q.~-' @ ()* `
    ____(o () * o* Q'._@_Q o ()’´´*.'.
    ___o'-.-' @`--._ @’* Q *.@-* * ``-.
    ___.-' @ _Q_.-'~'-. @ ´()`-*@.o’Q’
    __.' @* o ..-' * o *.@ * 0 *@oQ`) o*'
    _* 0.-~@-._Q * 0 * ~. Q _.~@-.*_0_.'
    _'._@ * o () '-._@__0__@_.-'Q o . '-.*
    _;--@' 0‘Q * Q o *@ * 0‘ o @ *'-*.o
    _.o-' * ‘ '._@__* .Q.~ @- . 0 () Q @ *'.
    _* @ *‘ o * @ _.''Q~o..__@__.--'`@--.*
    _;'-.__@_Q . 0 () oQ * o*♥.*•.¸♥¸.•*♥
    Hey, I just wanted to say I think you're very beautiful. I hope things work out with you at home and that girl at school.
    No one should ever be made fun of or hated on period. I know what it's like, and it's probably ruined my life.
    Anyway, I hope you find the strength and will inside you to do what needs to be done unlike myself.
    Lots of love.
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