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  • :) Happy Happy birthday dear Joyce. I wish all of the happiness, all wishes that come true, success in your live and also a lot of love in your heart and around u. I love u friend and don't forgot u are good friend of mine !!!!
    Hello Hun,

    I'm sorry i was at weekend not home. I was with bf all weekend at hotel for few days and we had great time together. Nothing new i'm fine and i feel good. Take care hun i hope we can really talk soon it's have been very long:/

    U don't got mine messages hun? I was telling it was going well and i feel good in new envinroment. It's wasn't so bad as i was imagining it's nice and i have nice room now big.And two cats which i luv so much i'm playing with them and cuddling they are so cute.
    i know honey my sister told me about this infection i didnt know the most was it in Germany i think im safe! I was hearing is in vegetable is running some messages that is it...sigh really horrible i know but pls dont worry i live now on new place and its nice hear so im doing fine only i cant come chat so much coz i dont have ability do it so late here. I hope u are well bye bye
    I know honey i'm so sorry that im busy hunny i hope we talk soon as possible really! I hope is nothing wrong going on coz u say u wish speak to me so i hope u are alrightish!!!
    Greetings to CANADA :) my small chicken have nice time with your bf and also enjoy nicer and nicer weather. I wish u the best. Don't worry about nothing and try focus on nice things. Hugs!

    Problem is i try change mine sleeping habit and i go sleep now sooner honey ya know?So if u will be online by u morning and by me afternoon this would be great coz evening i'm not available so much coz i go sleep and wake up much more sooner as before. Also i do now relaxation techniques every day morning and evening...we will see if will help this.
    Heya Joycie,

    well i'm fine today otherwise nothing new i let u know if something change in mine plans which i have now:)so let's see what's happened. Have nice time
    Hello joycie,

    I came lil later because i was watching movie. U wasn't online :( Then we talk tomorrow i can't wait!
    Take care about yourself
    :) well i forgive u but don't say to me this anymore coz this isn't much friendly what u said and i will not joke like that if u don't like it.
    Hun i feel very bad i hope we will talk later...bad news and i was knowing it but is so hard to hear it again...i don't know what i will do hurts so much.
    Hello joycie:)

    Well my cat is seating on my lap and im blessing her and she make ma favourite sound wich i love so much. How is your doggie?
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