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  • Hey glad to hear you had such a good time. Sounds like a lot of firsts for you! Pat yourself on the back for taking those steps! I'll be sure to pray for you :)
    Hi, sorry for such a long wait in replies. I've been more busy lately than I have in a long time! I like your nickname, and how you creatively blended Japanese with English. What have you been doing lately and how is your weekend going?

    Mine has been enjoyable. I went bowling with a group yesterday and today I am attending a wedding reception.
    Eh, I'm doing alright, and you? Sorry I havent been able to respond, havent really been checking this website often. So you're an artist? I'm an art fan myself and do quite a bit of painting. What kind of stuff do you do?
    Hey I went on your website and took look around I have to say that I really like Moonlight at the Edge of the Garden and The Trinity Plus One. I would also like to inform you that your review of xxxHOLIC was a big help when I was trying to decide what series I was going to start watching while waiting for the release of FullMetal Alchemist Part 5. So thanks for that.
    Hi! Thanks for the friend request. I also hope you have a nice week. I have to ask what does Gashuboy mean? ( I googled it but was unable to find an explanation.) :)
    Hello. Well I'm almost as awkward here as I am in real life but I wanted to say hi and see how things are going for you. I'm also interested in hearing about your art like what you create and what are some of your favs. I wouldn'y exactly call myself an artist but I do paint or draw on occasion and I love to hear about what other people are working on. give me a shout.
    hi, thanks for the friendship request. Haven't been on this site in a while, actually forgot about it until I received request on my email. You made my day, thanks, and feel free to shoot me a message anytime, maybe chat if we see each other online.
    I joined this website because I struggle with social situations, it's hard for me to relax and be myself with new people. I find that I prefer to isolate instead of getting out there and meeting people because the fear and anxiety is so intense. As I work on building my cofidence and self esteem it gets easier, just need to practice, practice, practice, and preparation is key for me. Well I probably told you more than you wanted to know, but that's me. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.
    Fairy/mask sculpture?? Do take Pics :D. Ooh Good luck with the call. Yeah, I have the same problem, have tried talking to people online and I almost always end up not saying anything. I'm sure you'll do better!
    Yup, Well afternoon here now, so good afternoon, or well good evening maybe??? Well tonight not up to much of anything really, just like everyday. Are you doing anything more interesting?
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