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  • Hey! Haven't seen you online in a while. How have you been doing?

    I recently moved back to toronto...getting used to life here again. I finally met this girl that I'd been emailing and texting back and forth during the year I was gone in Calgary. We had what seemed to be a nice time (on what felt like a date), but then she rejected me after I asked her out again...twice. The good thing is that I've taken it well...as well as someone like me could take rejection. Not really a nice precursor to starting school, is it?!

    anyway, that's enough from me! Hope all is well.
    You've tried to chat, I think, with me? am I blind? Apologies. Note: I will usually not chat. It is too quick for correct thoughts. Now, remember to enjoy the day. Even pessimists must enjoy. The glass is half empty.
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