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  • Sorry for late reply.My message alerts did not tell me I had a new message.Wind chill is the factor that can really rattle the bones.In England there is alot of wind chill at times during winter particuraly but on other times too.Its like the wind passes through you and penetrates all of you.

    Do you have any favourites parts of New York.
    Hi.Wow is there much countryside near New York.My image of NY is tall buildings and lots of streets.At the moment we are getting lots of rain and win in Britain but it is winter here.I would like more sunshine throughout the year since it can get cold and it rains here alot.I do like the changing seasons though apart from winter.I really dislike being cold and even watching the winter Olympics makes me feel chillier.Lol.
    Mmm.I have not heard about the Kahn Academy.What have you learned using it.Wilkapedia can be quite technical at times meaning for me its tricky to follow when it comes to science subjects.Ehow is another good site to find info on a range of subjects.Wilkapedia is my favourite online reference site though.

    I noticed you live in New York.What are some of the good things and bad things about living there
    Hi.Sorry about the delay in responding but its xmas time and I like you have probably been occupied with xmas day etc.

    I like learning new facts and info so thanks for telling me about the alliminum story.I will have a look on wilkapedia later

    .Do you use wilkapedia or the internet generally to find out about subjects that interest you.In some ways I think people with computer access have the ability to learn about an almost endless list of subjects

    .At the same time I think it can be too compelling to while away hour after hour online though.I try to not get too caught up online but its harder said than done sometimes.With stresses ofline it is quite compelling to go online to escape.
    If you liked the pavement fact then this one should impressive hopefully.Lol.In the US you seem to dislike english words ending in ur and tend to end them with just r.For example in jolly old England we have colour,flavour, rumour, etc.In the good old USA you have color,flavor,rumor.I read alot and write poetry and Im really interested in the subtle and range of language.Its beautiful.
    Hi.The closes beach to me is hours away but there are quite a few in England.I went to a beach last summer in a seaside town.

    Its interesting how americans say things like math where in England we say maths.You say sidewalk we say pavement.Two nations separated by a language.
    Hi.I like how you listed not wearing shoes as a hobby.One lovely place to go
    shoeless is on a beach.Have you done that.
    Awww squirrels are cute. We don't have squirrels or racoons here. We do have possums though - cute ones, not like those American possums I've seen on 'Turtleman' - they look vicious lol.
    You guys have really cool animals like wolves and bears. It's actually pretty rare to see Koalas in the wild here, I've seen lots of kangaroos in the wild though. I've been to northern Australia on holiday and seen crocodiles in the wild - they get huge! Do you get racoons and squirells where you are?
    I like the sound of where you grew up :) I live in the suburbs about 15 mins from Adelaide - the capital city of South Australia. I actually live directly across from a cemetery, but it's actually really nice as it's lined with trees. A koala ran past the house one evening with a little baby on it's back :)
    NY always make me think of Seinfield - but that's NY city isn't it? What's it like where you live? Is it busy, lots of people?
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