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  • glad to hear that. i've been well too. thanks!

    if i remember correctly, you haven't visited SPW for some months. what happened?
    Hello! Yes, I tend to get nightmares whenever I go through patches of stress and anxiety, they're nearly always connected to whatever it is I'm worrying about at the time... Negative feelings and thoughts are invariably the cause. For example, since watching 'Paranormal Activity' a month or so ago, I've had trouble falling asleep... Not that I believe in ghosts/demons etc, I just don't *disbelieve* in them, so the thoughts play on my mind and keep me awake and have been the main fuel for recent nightmares, which have been triggered by my anxiety. Although last night's nightmare brought in many different fears and worries, so it was particularly bad. I just tend to go through patches, so it'll be okay again soon. :)
    You are very brave for doing that it can't have been easy. I forgot to mention I love your new avatar very serene.
    I'm glad to hear that.
    I've been okay, just trying to stay positive and not let my problems get to me.
    Thank you very much for the comment on my voice! It's funny, I always used to hate my voice... I still don't like listening to it, but I think I can see the good qualities in it now. :)
    Sounds like a nice little oasis :) with out the sheep too haha. I want to move back to the country side, Newcastle is nothing but trouble to a guy with HH
    Yes, the sarcasm escapes me. If you want me to get it you will have to explain it. I thought you were from Canada, so how do you know what Canberra is like?
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