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    7 letter word game

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    Drop One, Keep One Game

    Grills chops
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    7 letter word game

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    Drop One, Keep One Game

    Bare Grills
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    When was the last time...

    About 13 years ago I saw a huge Wedge-tailed eagle on a carcass. When was the last time you were genuinely happy?
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    Last letter game

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    New Game!!

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    Person above you thread

    Has blessed the holy waters of cooper creek.
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    Ban the person above you.

    Banned by the man in the high castle.
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    The Four Word Game

    he never got the
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    The Animal Game

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    Getting your hair cut

    I will be going next week for a tidy up, I hate it when other people come into the shop whilst I'm having my hair cut and you can see them in the mirror. I always feel self conscious.
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    anxiety vs depression

    For me depression is worse as it has taken a hold of my life, as I have gotten older I have withdrawn more and more from people. Anxiety is more in the background, however if I try anything new then the anxiety goes into overdrive. In my opinion anxiety and depression creates an almost escape...
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    The Animal Game

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    The Animal Game