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    Cold Turkey off Meds - how long before drugs wear off?

    Hi all, So I've been on two main types of antidepressants: the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), then mirtazapine. The SSRIs were good for both depression and (social) anxiety, whereas the mirtazapine was only really effective for depression. Both have their side effects that I...
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    Book Recomendations: Fear Is No Longer My Reality & Buddha's Brain

    Hi guys, just wanted to recommend two books. The first is Fear Is No Longer My Reality - How I Overcame Panic and Social Anxiety Disorder - and You Can Too by Jamie Blyth. I found this one good because I felt I could relate to the author, and many of his experiences were similar to mine (e.g...
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    Incompetence / lack of common sense

    Does anyone ever feel totally incompetent? Like they have no common sense. I've had 3 examples lately that have really gotten me down. They've all been at uni. The first was when I was labelling our group assignment. I labelled my group assignment file as Tutorial 1. Except we were actually...
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    Feel the Fear ...and Do It Anyway (book)

    Saw someone post about how they found The Confidence Gap and The Happiness Trap books helpful. (Will put those on my to read list.) It reminded me of a book I recently read that I found helpful: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers. After reading the first chapter I was hooked. I...
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    Fear of specific people

    Anyone with social anxiety have specific fears of certain people? E.g. for me I get more anxious around Caucasians, people in authority, professionals and extroverts. I am less anxious around Asians (being one myself) and introverts.
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    Is the grass greener on the other side (job)?

    I have a part time job at the moment. It pays pretty well. And most of the time, there isn't much social contact. It's comfortable - almost too comfortable, but there are other more exciting things I would like to do more. The problem I have at the moment is that I'm in my mid-late 30s, and...
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    At what age did you discover you had social anxiety (disorder)?

    Was 33 for me. Before that I thought I was just super shy and that it was a normal personality trait. I was born in 1979. From what I read, SA wasn't researched properly until the 80s and not a proper diagnosis until the 90s. In the naughties I was pretty withdrawn from most social contact. So...