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  • lol, I did not even know what "Peeps" were, lol!
    I've never seen those things before - we don't have them in my country - I had to Google them. :blushing:

    I wish we DID have something like that over here though, they look delicious :thumbup:

    Awwww, thank you for those adorable kitty-cat party pics. :inlove:

    Heck, you're 42 now? It doesn't seem that long ago that you were 34!
    I think getting older (and feeling older) is heavily influenced by how good or bad your health is. I have seen some very healthy 60 yr olds who are still able to do things they enjoy.
    It's just a shame that it takes so much regular exercise and very healthy eating (food that has no taste, lol) for many years, to still end up healthy at 60. :eek:h:
    Those sea creatures in that video are amazing!
    I would love some of whatever those scientists have ingested though....they are reacting like High School students, lol :bigsmile:
    Yes, I did just have a Birthday.
    Another year closer to a natural death, Whoo Hooo !! :applause: ::p:

    Do you FEEL as old as you are, Fountain?
    I don't. I only feel like I'm 30, at most.
    My mother is the only person I know who has ever used that word.
    It is funny how the language our parents use is cemented into our own speech without us really being conscious of it, lol. ::p:
    You sounded too serious Fountain, i was joking about the premonition haha.

    I just realized i deleted the part where i was asking if you were ok, cause the message was too long and couldn't post it. Sooooo...

    How do you feel? are you ok?

    I'm here if you want to talk : ) I accept paysafecard, paypal and credit card. lol
    Haha hope is not a premonition, gonna call my father to make sure he's ok!

    Losing someone you know is always a weird feeling, whether you loved that person or not, your mind is never prepared for that, i knew my mother was going to die but when she did, i was like "wait what?" how can this person i've been seeing and talking to every single day of my life be no longer.

    For example, i downloaded an app on my phone to read a book and it had an option to turn the book into an audiobook...i was so pissed off, my mother was blind and she loved books (was not blind all her life) but there were barely audiobooks and finding one was an odyssey a few years ago, so seeing this app with that option reminded me of her and i was very upset cause i wanted to tell her about it and i couldn't.

    I guess is good to know that you weren't close, that will definately make things easier. I'm glad to read your other uncle is recovering!
    Thank you Fountain, but you mean my mother? don't remember saying i lost anyone recently, you're scaring me haha. I'm sorry for the one you lost Fountain, were you close to him? What about the one that had a heart attack, is he recovering? hope so!
    hi, I wanted to avoid socialphobiaworld bc it wasn't doing me good, lol. Thanks for your msg
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