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  • Ahhhhh distance! Always the same :/ it sucks having ppl to do stuff with but not having them close enough to do it!

    Yeah, I get what you mean, saying that there could be a sequel is like a spoiler haha. Is like when you watch a TV show with two seasons and the main character is about to die at the end of the first one and you're like: man, you are in season two...u won't die lol

    I hope at least is good and I have a good time watching it !
    If you fly over we'll go see it.

    The reviews are good, like I say, but they're already talking sequels if it performs well at the box-office. I don't like that, it tells me that Micheal doesn't die at the end, which is fine as far as the character goes but it kills the feeling of suspense that this could really be the last Halloween. :thumbdown:

    haha i missed our gifs, sorry to hear that this isnt a good year for you :( well you know where to find me if u want to talk or just post dumb gifs!

    Is that good (halloween), mmm let's see! i havent been in the theater like in years lol usually i watch horror movies on thursdays night! when i'm alone and with some pop corn, of course haha

    Let's go together to watch it at the theater

    Hi Fountain!!! is anyone there???


    how are you doing?

    Srry i havent been active on the site for some time...wasnt a good time for me...
    Thank you x1000 for your great gifs, Fountain! I have not seen any of those. :thumbup: Love the guy sending up that rebellious cat one :bigsmile:
    I am reluctant to send you some gifs though, in return, because I am worried you might have seen them already, lol. >,>
    I just logged in and and watched the Wet Dog clip video put on my visitor messages...

    OMG!! It was Hilarious!! :lol:
    It was so well put together too.

    I've had a dreadfully crappy day, but coming into SPW and seeing you sent me something that is so funny, helped to lift up my mood a bit.
    Thank you, you very dear friend! :perfect:
    lol, I did not even know what "Peeps" were, lol!
    I've never seen those things before - we don't have them in my country - I had to Google them. :blushing:

    I wish we DID have something like that over here though, they look delicious :thumbup:

    Awwww, thank you for those adorable kitty-cat party pics. :inlove:

    Heck, you're 42 now? It doesn't seem that long ago that you were 34!
    I think getting older (and feeling older) is heavily influenced by how good or bad your health is. I have seen some very healthy 60 yr olds who are still able to do things they enjoy.
    It's just a shame that it takes so much regular exercise and very healthy eating (food that has no taste, lol) for many years, to still end up healthy at 60. :oh:
    Those sea creatures in that video are amazing!
    I would love some of whatever those scientists have ingested though....they are reacting like High School students, lol :bigsmile:
    Yes, I did just have a Birthday.
    Another year closer to a natural death, Whoo Hooo !! :applause: ::p:

    Do you FEEL as old as you are, Fountain?
    I don't. I only feel like I'm 30, at most.
    My mother is the only person I know who has ever used that word.
    It is funny how the language our parents use is cemented into our own speech without us really being conscious of it, lol. ::p:
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