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  • I would love an escape! I really feel like I need to get away for a while, if only I had the dosh! I don't have a place I can escape to however, your place in the countryside sounds so perfect. I hope it does you a world of good :). How long will you be staying there?
    Heyy, nice to hear from you! It's Winter here, actually, and it's not fun! I missed UFC116 but I know who wonnnn ;), I'll keep it to myself though don't worry. How are you?
    Ha :D You know guys say that, but I don't think it's all that rare for a girl to like it. A lot of people enjoy watching someone elses butt get beat down haha, but I think it's an awesome sport, it's something to be respected. I tell ya, in real life though, if there is ever a fight going on, I always always jump in the middle to break it up, I hate seeing people fight. But when it's on tv I'm like "WTF KNOCK HIM OUT!" lol. Something else I like? I don't really know. I'm not into any other sports at all really besides the 3 rugby league blues vs. maroons game every year (Aussie football) But besides that, I don't really like any other sport. I don't think there's all that much about me that is very surprising ::p: Sorry to disappoint ::p:
    Oh, good :).

    Yeah, hey, honestly, I think Rashad is a great fighter, I just cannot stand the guy. It was like an instant dislike when I first saw him fight. My boyfriend on the other hand loves Rashad and his style, so he enjoyed rubbing the win in my face for the next couple of days after the fight, and even had a little 'Rampage got his ass beat' song going on ::p:. I was so hoping that Rampage would knock him out, but I saw his training vid, and compared it to Rashad's training vid and Rashad seemed to out-class him even there, so as the fight got closer I was kinda, I don't know anymore... But even if Rampage didn't win, I absolutely expected a better fight outta him then what he gave. I'm like, mad at him for disappointing me like he did, lol.
    Yeah the Duffee fight was pretty lol. Duffee out in one hit after dominating the whole fight. We were like WTF just happened?! Funny as :D. I was soooooo bored with that fight until that happened though, haha.
    Awww :[. I hope you get some sleep. I've never really had too much trouble sleeping, (except for a few months when I was hooked on energy drinks then I'd get like 2-3hrs a night tops), so all I can suggest is...warm milk? Sleeping pills maybe? I have no idea really. I hope your sleeping improves anyway.

    Yes, I love UFC. But feel almost over it since that Rashad/Rampage fight. I wanted to see Rashad get his ass beat down but nope. Super disappointing. Oh well.
    Oh, I hope you did well in the exam! Yeah I've missed you on here, but you're getting help so that's really cool. Just the same old here with me, great one day, bad the next *sigh*.
    You come across to me as someone who is quite positive anyway, or at least you have the ability to be positive, which is an absolute asset! You're right, looking for the positves when things seem terrible is the best thing to do, even though it may not be easy, there is always something to be thankful for. :).
    My luck has had a turn-around actually and things are just falling into place perfectly. Its a nice change! Life, eh:rolleyes:. Whats going on with you? :)
    I've had a huge run of bad luck lately and it is driving me nuts! Everything that could go wrong has! D:<
    Yeah, too much time is bad. It also helps make things worse that I live with my parents who aren't exactly happy about me lazying around... I'll turn 18 next month, you?
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