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  • Frances es mi primera idioma lol, what a coincidence.
    in japanese yo solo puedo hablar "arigato, sayonara, konichiwa"
    Still improving it, I am far away from mastering it.
    What languages do you speak?
    Oh ok lol, I messed it up.
    Yeah, I remember that old one , this one is cool
    OMG didn't see the message lol. As i said, what i like about 3D puzzles is that developers usually add some story to them and the fact that you have an extra dimension to solve them :p Have you ever played any of those games? graphic adventures are awesome too...different kind of puzzles though, not so based on physics, more of a riddles and finding objects.

    Yeah its the only collectors edition Ive ever bought. I usually dont do that with games.
    Though i have more, right now i'm only using PC and PS3. I like lots of genres like puzzle, graphic adventure, platforms, action and rpg but my favourite is horror (i think this is more a sub-genre though).
    Yeah, Harry Potter (the first 4 books), The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, The thing (it's really the same lol), some Poe novels like "The Masque of the Red Death", a TV show named "wayward Pines", and i dont know if it counts but "Dagon" (film) and "The Call of Cthulhu: dark corners of the heart" (videogame) are adaptations of the book "The shadow over Innsmouth" :)
    Hi.Yes books can allow time to develop a character with more depth and layers.I think a book can match or surpass a movie driven by dialogue.Such as a comedy or drama.But a movie driven by images,visuals I think makes more impact than an equivalent book.Such as the Matrix,Avatar,Star wars.Good point too you made about music and soundracks.
    I think both can tell a good story. Books are usually more lenghty, therefore they have more time to develop their characters and story, and eventually you feel more attached to them but a movie can be as good with good actors to give life to its characters and also has something that books don't...soundtrack, and i think music (which unlike images, cannot be recreated through writing) alone can also tell you a story without words.

    Thank you for this question!
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