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  • Awwww thankyou, i'm pretty happy with it as well hehe i wasn't sure whether to post the pic though because some people might see it as a bit risqué lol
    hahaha fair play ....and you might live to regret that offer ...haha .. I will tell alfie to get packing:D
    thanks for the .....get packing , me and alfie want your cottage
    He is! I just started playing some of his music, yesterday actually. I can’t remember which tune it was, but I noticed that he quoted ‘pop goes the weasel’ at the beginning of the solo. it was funny. I’m also loving art pepper atm
    Hi! I was surfing YouTube looking for good music...anyway, this is a song that reminds me of the discussion you and I and Nate were having about love, sex and whatnot...I remember that Billy Corgan had mentioned that the song 'Daphne Descends' is about how some people use and abuse love to basically get what they want. You can always delete this if you wish. I just thought it kind of went with the discussion.

    YouTube - Daphne Descends - Smashing Pumpkins
    Door county huh? I couldnt even find it on the map. Necedah is about an hour from la cross...if that helps. man i cant even tell you, i guess i fail at knowwing about my own town.
    Looks like you need some more visitor messages coyote!:)
    Helloooo coyote!:) I hope you are going ok!?:)
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