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  • I have little big planet as well, but I don't know how that works online. I think you just share created levels or something. I actually have a fair amount of games that can be played online, but most are just a big death match pvp style.

    Actually, Resident Evil 5 comes to mind, I know you can play that co-op together online.
    Hi Slan :) Hey, what is your name if you don't mind me asking? Mine is Darryl.

    I was just wondering, is your PS3 connected to the internet? Maybe we could play a game online together sometime.
    Yeah, he is in Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness. Army of Darkness is basically Evil Dead 3.

    I used to have some pics posted somewhere but I took them down. I'll put them back up.
    Ooh ive been wanting to play dead space, i played the trailer for it on the ps3, you know the downloadable one. But they never got it in at my crummy stores around here.
    I never listen to the radio... I just listen to my ipod. There used to be a decent station called Laser 103 in my area, but that changed a while ago to more of a general rock station.

    And yeah i like horror movies and games. My favorite horror movies are Evil Dead and Army of Darkness, but I don't know if they count they are more of a horror comedy. As for games, along with Silent Hill and Resident Evil I also liked Condemned 2 and Dead Space (Dead Space was especially creepy).
    Yep, I am running for Mayor. The first thing I will do is have them install big speakers along all the roads that blast metal music 24 hours a day. :)

    Actually I work in a hotel in the set up department. I set up rooms for meetings and parties and such. It's been really slow lately and I am usually working alone, so I have time to take a break here and there.

    I'm not really a big talker either. I do the best I can to avoid conversations, usually just smile or say "yeah" or something like that and walk away.
    Yeah, if I like a band I usually try to buy most if not all of their albums.

    I am stuck at my job right now actually, posting from my cell phone. I don't know if I could handle a job like yours, I have a hard enough time around "normal" people. :)
    Heh, no I don't mind. In flames is good, I have four of their albums.

    How have you been lately? I noticed you hadn't logged in for a little while.
    I haven't played the Star Oceans.. I think they were created by a company which was an offshoot from earlier 'Tales' games. They are something I think about playing, especially after I enjoyed Vesperia's battle system so much. I used to be a turn based die hard. How many of them have you played?

    I agree about graphics not being that important, a few other oldies I love:

    - Breath of Fire 3 (I've played a few of the other BoFs but I liked 3 in particular.)
    - Xenogears
    - Chrono Trigger
    - Legend of Dragoon
    Yeah... If 7 was remade with modern graphics I would buy it in a heartbeat. I haven't tried 13 yet, I hear that it is extremely linear. Every dungeon is pretty much a straight line. There are no towns to restock in. Also the characters don't really appeal to me.
    Cool! Oh yeah I've played through Skies of Arcadia a number of times, I just love the airship battles. I always save the permanent ship upgrades (Captain's flags was it?) up, never spending them on the Little Jack all ready to upgrade the Delphinus. Moonstone Cannon Fire!

    I've only played through Vesperia once, but did my best to get all the collectibles (I missed a few ::(: ) but I loved it. I can imagine it was cool four player mode!
    I didn't mean to laugh at your embarrassing situation with your grandmother - I removed that post with the smiley. But I stick by my 'poor thing' words!

    To jump into your conversation with DeathMetal - Have you played Skies of Arcadia or more recently Tales of Vesperia? Both great games, though I could list many more faves, I'm a big JRPG fan :)
    Nah, I live in a suburb in Milwaukee County. No wooded areas around here.

    I noticed that you like RPG's. That is one of my favorite video game genres as well. My favorite series is probably Final Fantasy, with my favorites being III, VII, and X.
    Door County is the "thumb" of Wisconsin - the peninsula Northeast of Green Bay.
    I'd actually prefer to live in a small town, there's just something intimidating about bigger cities, with all the people walking around. I really hate ticks. I've never had one on me, but just the thought of them and what they do creeps me out.
    That's pretty cool, although I am a bit embarrassed to say that I have never heard of Necedah, lol. Had to go check the map on google. :) I live in Milwaukee.
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